Facial Yoga: Top 3 Yoga Poses for a Slim Face

People with chubby faces tend to appear to be overweight even when their body is slim. This is one of the major drawbacks of a chubby face. Additionally, a chubby face makes one look babyish – which is not a very desirable idea, professionally.

Yoga is an easy and inexpensive way towards trimming the baby fat on the face. And what’s more, it is safe and can be done within the confines of your home or any other comfortable location as per your liking.

Table of Contents:

List of Top 3 Facial Yoga to Get a Slim Face:

Yoga for a Slim Face

1. Simha Mudra or the Lion Pose:

This is one of the best yogic postures for slimming the face. Typically, this pose stimulates the entire facial musculature and tones it. It also helps to stretch it.

How to:

  • Spread a mat and kneel on it.
  • Now cross your right ankle with your left one such that you tend to rest on your right heel. Straighten your hands and with splayed fingers place them on your knees respectively.
  • Take a deep breath steadily without gulping in the air.
  • Now drop your jaw and open your mouth wide. Simultaneously, stick your tongue out boldly and downwards towards your chin.
  • As you breathe through the mouth, make a sound from your throat which simulates the roar of a lion.
  • Change the feet and repeat this at least 4-5 times.

Facial Yoga for Slim Face

2. Jivha Bandha or the Locked Tongue Pose:

This is one of the classic poses of yoga for a slim face, which helps in not only getting a chiseled face but also shapes up the fluffy jawline. Like the Simha mudra, this pose too helps in toning the facial muscles. Jivha bandha also helps in regulating blood pressure.

How to:

  • Spread the mat and sit on it crossed-legged in a lotus pose or padmasana. Alternatively, even sukhasana or the common Indian style of sitting on the floor will do.
  • Those who are not able to sit down on the floor can sit on a chair.
  • The hands can be placed on the lap or on the knees in a relaxed way.
  • Now press the tip of the tongue against the upper palate.
  • With the tongue thus placed, open the mouth completely till you feel an adequate stretch in the region of your face and throat.
  • Unlike, Simha mudra, in this asana one, should breathe through the nose.
  • Eyes can be kept open or closed.
  • Repeat 3-4 times.

Slim Face Yoga Pose

3. Jalandhar Bandha or Chin Lock Yoga:

This is yet another classic yogic pose as mentioned in hatha yoga. Though used for the purpose of meditation in traditional yoga, this pose also facilitates the shaping of the face by contouring the face via toning of the facial and jawline muscles.

This pose also helps those who have a double chin. This asana also regulates thyroid disorders in people.

How to:

  • Spread the mat and sit on it in the lotus pose or in sukhasana as mentioned above.
  • Breathe deeply. Place the hands on your knees and lift the shoulders up and tilt the body slightly forwards.
  • Now press the chin firmly against the chest or between the two collarbones such that the esophagus is firmly closed.
  • Hold your breath as long as you feel comfortable.
  • To repeat the asana, lift the head, breathe normally and return to starting a position.

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