7 Makeup Mistakes That Makes You Look Older

makeup that makes you look older

Makeup has the power to take years off your face, but it can also make you look older. Here, are some beauty bloopers to avoid.

1. Too Much Foundation: 

Your skin becomes thinner as you age. ”So when you use too much foundation, it weighs your skin down. As a result, your face sags.

Moreover, heavy foundation deep into fine lines on the skin and highlight them. Keep your skin matte, and use a lightweight foundation or mousse.

2. Dark Lipstick:

With age, our lips tend to shrink. Add dark hues to that, and you’ve got a sure-shot way of making your pout look even thinner. Send dark maroons and plums on a holiday, and go for lighter and softer shades in the same family.

Lift the corners of your mouth with a little bit of a highlighter. Then using a nude lip liner outline the shape of your lips. However, avoid using dark lip liners. They also make lips look smaller and thinner. Always choose a moisturizing formula.

3. Glittery Eyeshadow:

Love all that glitters, including shimmery eyeshadows? It’s time to go easy on them. Frosted eyeshadows accentuate lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Choose a matte shadow in a shade that complements your skin tone, to reduce the appearance of line and other causes of aging around the eye.

4. Brownish Blush:

As your skin starts sagging with age, your cheeks look sunken. Applying a bronzer or a blush in a brownish hue just highlights this further.

Moreover, if not applied properly, it can look like pigmentation. A peach hue works best for Indian skin tones. When applying, start on the apples of your cheeks and blend towards the sides.

Use just a hint of blush; it should not be overpowering. Choose a peach-pink blush for a fresher, younger look.

5. Concealer:

Want more coverage from your concealer? Massaging the product deep into the skin isn’t the best way to go about it. Sponges don’t help either; they take the makeup off, instead of spreading it evenly.

Also, don’t use too much of it. You’ll just highlight the flaws. Apply 3 dots on the under-eye area, and dab gently to blend either with a concealer brush or your ring finger. Also, choose a dry formula to keep your face from becoming oily.

6. Kajal:

Not every eye shape benefits from kohl. Kajal applied on the waterline makes droopy eyes look smaller, instead of making them pop. Plus, kohl bleeds can give the appearance of dark circles where there are none.

If you have droopy eyes, ditch the kohl and apply eyeliner on your upper eyelids. To control bleeds, apply brown eyeshadow along the waterline after applying kohl. This will keep it from seeping out.

7. Waterproof Mascara:

Your eyelashes start thinning out as you age and their growth rate slows down significantly. Top that with tough-to-wash waterproof mascara, and you could lose precious lashes in the process.

Reserve waterproof mascara for special occasions and embrace a washable formulation, such as Clinique Las Power Feathering Mascara, which comes easily with warm water. To keep your lashes from drying out, coat them with castor oil using an old, but clean mascara wand once a week.

SOURCE: Prevention Health Magazine

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