Holi Hair Care Tips: 8 Tips to Damage-Proof your Hair this Holi

It’s that time of year when colours, water and delicious sweetmeats are on everyone’s mind and there’s no better day than Holi to let your hair down and indulge in some fun.

While the festival of colours is all fun and games, harsh chemicals and metal oxides mixed in colours can take a serious toll on your mane.

Here are some tips shared by Dr. Alia Rizvi, to help you protect your hair this Holi from any kind of damage from harsh chemicals in colours.

Holi Hair Care Tips

Tips to Damage-Proof your Hair this Holi:

1. Oil:

Make sure you apply a good amount of oil 15 minutes before stepping out to play with colours. You can apply any basic oil – coconut oil, olive oil or mustard oil. Avoid blends or special hair growth oils. Oil should not be hot or warm, use it at room temperature only. Hot oil is not very good for hair.

2. Tie Your Hair:

Don’t leave your hair open, tie it in a ponytail or make a bun. Open hair soak more colours and scalp also gets affected when it’s open.

3. Accessories:

No hair accessories should be used while playing with colours as hair become weak from the roots when they are wet and the accessories might pull it off.

4. Wear Something:

Wear a cap, scarf or cover your hair with a bandana. If possible, wear a plastic shower cap under your headscarf as it will give your hair maximum protection from damage.

5. Rinse Hair Thoroughly:

For wet colours, rinse hair thoroughly with plain water and then apply shampoo and wash. Don’t try to massage shampoo harshly to take off the colour in one go. It may take few days to take it out completely. Use baby shampoos or natural shampoos to wash Holi hair, they are gentle and work equally well. No hot water to wash hair during Holi, it can make it worst. Hot water makes your hair dry and you can imagine what can happen if it’s already dry with colours and over washing.

6. Brushing Your Hair:

After playing with dry colours, brush your hair well. It will remove most of the colour. But try this only when you have played dry Holi.

7. Heat Protectants:

Apply serum or protectant after your hair is washed and dried. Use organic colours to play Holi, they are less damaging.

8. Post Holi Tips:

Post Holi, apply oil for 5 minutes daily before wash. This is a good way of dealing with colour-damaged hair. Avoid hot styling tools for 2 weeks; instead make plaits and buns to style hair. Don’t expose your hair to sun, wear something or take an umbrella while moving out.

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