Best Skincare Tips for Acne-Prone Skin

The skin pores which have a sebaceous gland at their roots act as triggers for breakouts. The number of these pores is around the nose, neck, cheeks, and chin.

Thus, these areas are more prone to breakouts. These sebaceous glands in their normal functioning have a role in secreting some amount of sebum.

Due to some factors (puberty, hormonal imbalance, improper diet, etc), the secretion from these glands might get increased and attract microbes causing infections that generally take the form of redness followed by pimples or breakouts.

Tips for Acne Prone Skin

Best Skincare for Acne-Prone Skin:

• Maintain good hygiene – washing the prone or affected area with lukewarm water and gentle face wash, several times a day is suggested.

• Some people are said to have acne with the consumption of certain kinds of food (allergic reaction). Such food items must be noted and henceforth avoided.

• Apart from the daily routine of cleaning your skin properly one must also make a point to exercise daily. This helps boost the body’s immunity and self-cleaning system.

• Special attention must be paid to avoid infections in rainy seasons and in summers when bacteria are maximum in number in the atmosphere and their chances of clinging onto the skin are also maximum due to sweat and humidity.

• You should include loads of water and fresh fruit juices in your diet as they help flush out toxins from the body.

• Emotional stress has been found to be a major cause of acne. Thus one must always try to live a stress-free life. Enjoy and make the most of your life.

• Once a break out has occurred never scratch the area with nails or scrub. It must be washed with some anti-acne gel or soap, and the area must be kept dry and clean.

• If you have sensitive skin, avoid using harsh chemical-based products as they can worsen the condition.

• Acne is generally associated with oily skin, thus prefer using water-based cosmetic and skincare products.

Try these tips & routines for the best skincare for acne prone skin and the acne will subside on its own within 2 or 3 days.

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