3 Ways That Can Help Women Manage Her Home and Work

Shares some simple ways that can help women manage her home and work and get through the day more easily while achieving both calm and peace

This issue has been addressed in every modern day magazine and read by almost every working woman many times, and yet we read it again and again in the hope of finding a magical recipe to lower stress levels and ease our life. These few years have made me believe that there are some simple things we can do to make the day easier for ourselves, achieving peace both at work and at home.

For most married working women today, it’s about packing the lunch for the kids and husband, breakfast, dropping or picking up kids from school, or sending the driver for errands, looking at everyone’s demands, preparing everyone’s favorite recipes, supervising the maid with cooking and cleaning, and when all of this is done, she also has to reach her office on time.

So, how does a woman do it all? Well, the day can be easier to get through if a woman lives by the following rules:

  • Admit that you are not a superwoman
  • Prioritize
  • Plan ahead

Working Woman

Admit that you are not a superwoman:

Half the battle is actually won if women stop believing that they’re extraordinary or expected to be extraordinary or superhuman, because they are not. So, it’s alright if you can’t prepare lavish lunches and dinners every day. Suggest going out to eat with your kids, in-laws and parents. This will also help in bonding together.


Prioritizing chores and responsibilities is the heart and soul of achieving work life balance, especially for a married working woman. A woman in such scenarios is also a mother and wife and she must understand that her kids and husband need equal attention. She needs to make time for her children, especially if they’re too young. Sharing and openness therefore is very important among the parents and between the parents and their kids. A picnic or a weekend out or assisting them in their homework can achieve wonders in establishing a close bond. Don’t leave others to solve their problems or fears.

Plan ahead:

Finally, a responsible working mother always plans ahead. She is not going to wait for things to topple either at work or at home. So, if you want things rolling your way and to keep your kids from despair, have the birthday gifts ready. Your little once can surprise you one off day. Plan your wardrobe for office, parties and occasions, maybe a week or month ahead. You never know when your husband or a friend invites you over for dinner or a wedding. You don’t want to do last minute shopping and buy yourself a hideous color or a not-so-satisfactory dress. Don’t forget the accessories when you’re setting aside clothes for work.

Then, the most important part of your house – the kitchen, should be well stacked. Ensure that the kitchen has all the essential groceries, masalas, and ready-to-cook options for the week. Your refrigerator should have all the preserves – milk, eggs and masala pastes stored.

What if the maid plans to bunk one fine day? You have the pastes ready to prepare the meal at least. Along with yours, it’s the kids’ uniforms, shoes, books, clothes and closet you need to set right. Set the dates for spring cleaning the house and dust free the air conditioners.

You’d know the demands of the house and those you loves, but don’t forget yourself. Make time for that one thing you like doing most everyday – read a book, paint, pray, workout, and swim, water your plants, anything. Remember, you can give only when you have. Be happy to spread happiness.

It works… live each day healthy and wise. It takes everything to achieve what we call balance, whether at work or home. And even when things aren’t going exactly the way you want, don’t despair, just believe in what you’re doing and never quit being happy and making others happy around you.

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