The Benefits of Coconut Water (Natural Energy Drink)

Coconut water, just like coconut oil, possesses an array of benefits that contribute to living a healthy life. Coconut water is a refreshing natural healthy drink that is free from fat, extra calories artificial preservatives, and chemicals.

Coconut water can be consumed by everyone and it is packed with all essential minerals and has a whole lot of medicinal values. The water is the clear liquid of the interior endosperm which is very sterile and composed of a unique combination of photochemical, antioxidants, enzymes, and simple sugar.

It is the fluid found sloshing around on the inside of a coconut. The majority of coconut water is found in the young, green coconuts. This water contains simple sugar, along with other vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that make it a natural energy drink.

Coconut water also contains more potassium than a total of four bananas. According to many nutritionists, the benefits of this refreshing drink are pretty much endless. It’s very hard to find another drink that can be as pure as coconut water. Even potable water undergoes chemical processes to become drinkable for people.

The juice of coconuts is drinkable without chemical processing. You can drink it in its pure form. It has much less sugar and large amounts of natural minerals rather than regular sports drinks. Therefore, a person can truly focus on an all-natural method when reaching fitness goals.

The nutrition facts are really healthy. As a result, preferring this exotic drink to others you consume a 100% natural and fat-free beverage that is rich in electrolytes and vitamins and low in sugars and calories.

This beverage is safe for human beings of different ages. So, anyone can use this opportunity and improve their health. A person can drink coconut water without the fear of packing on the pounds. This natural water can suppress the appetite and make a person feel full throughout the day.

Coconut milk, oil, and water are very popular all over the world. Nowadays coconut water attracts much attention from fans of a healthy lifestyle. The main reason for such huge popularity became the fact that the rate of serious diseases in tropical countries is much lower than in European countries.

However, in this article, we will focus on coconut water benefits and nutrition facts that determine the benefits this incredible beverage gives to our health. Here are the therapeutic properties of coconut water:

Cocunt Water Health Benefits

The List of Coconut Water Benefits:

1. Good for hydration:

It helps to replace fluids and minerals that we lose through sweating while doing physical activities. Coconut water is packed with a lot of electrolytes, simple sugars, and minerals that are required to replenish the salts lost due to dehydration.

2. Has anti-aging properties:

It contains cytokines and lauric acid (saturated fatty acids) which play a vital role in cell growth and regulation. Coconut water also has anti-thrombotic and anti-carcinogenic properties which play a vital role in balancing PH levels and keeping the connective tissues of the skin hydrated.

3. Aids digestion:

It also helps in metabolism and easy digestion. Bioactive enzymes present in coconut water increase our metabolism and improve the digestive of an individual.

Coconut water promotes healthy digestion by regulating the components of the digestive system. Drinking coconut water at the start of the day has a very positive effect on the digestive organs.

4. Provide relief from muscle cramps:

Drinking coconut water is a good remedy for getting relief from muscle cramps. Muscle cramps are caused due to the deficiency of potassium in the body.

Potassium is one of the main electrolytes and essential minerals which is required by our body. Drinking coconut water replenishes potassium and keeps you free from muscle cramps.

5. Helps in Weight Loss:

Coconut water can also help a person reach their weight loss goals, naturally. Drinking coconut water increases our metabolism and prevents weight gain. The body has the tendency to increase weight when the metabolism is slow.

Coconut water is natural to drink free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Stop consuming soft drinks that have a high amount of sugars and preservatives which in turn increase weight.

Unlike coconut oil, coconut water does not have a high-fat content. It is the exact opposite when it comes to that fact. But, coconut water, just like coconut oil, combats nagging weight problems.

6. Reduces Blood Pressure:

Normal blood pressure can also be maintained by drinking coconut water. Improper electrolyte balance can be corrected with coconut water as it is packed with the perfect combination of electrolytes.

For hypertensive patients, it is recommended to drink coconut water daily on an empty stomach to control increased high blood pressure.

Cocunt Water Nutrition Facts

Nutritional Value (Facts):

7. Low calories in this wonderful liquid:

The liquid is a perfect product for those who are following a diet or prefer low-cal products. The amount of calories in 100 g of this exotic product equals 46 calories.

The thing that makes this product even healthier is the absence of any fats in it. If you compare the same serving of coconut water with a sports drink you will see that the latter is very high in trans fats.

8. Lots of useful electrolytes:

Electrolytes, electrically charged ions, are intended to transmit voltages and impulses from one cell to another. Nervous and muscle functionality are known to depend on electrolytes.

Our body requires such electrolytes as Potassium, Chloride, Sodium, Magnesium, Phosphate, Bicarbonate, Calcium, and Sulfate. Their quantity in the body constantly lessens as we lose these essential elements every day.

Our task is to replenish their level with the help of the products we eat. It is very helpful that coconuts are rich in electrolytes. Thus, coconut water includes Calcium (58 mg), Potassium (600 mg), Magnesium (60 mg) and Sodium (252 mg).

9. Lots of dietary fiber:

This exotic liquid (100 g) contains 3 g of dietary fiber which makes up 11 % of our daily value. Dietary fiber is very useful for our organism. Consuming fiber stimulates good digestion of food and removes harmful toxins.

10. Natural sugar:

There are 6 g of sugar in 100 g of coconut water. It is a natural fruit sugar that is much healthier than sugar contained in other drinks.

11. Lots of vitamins:

The role of vitamins in our organism is incredible. Vitamins boost our immunity, improve our metabolism and prevent the body from diseases. 100 g of coconut water includes the following vitamins:

  • Riboflavin
  • Thiamin
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6

12. No cholesterol:

This fat-free drink does not contain any cholesterol in its content. This fact gives this tropical liquid a great priority over various sports drinks whose average cholesterol level equals 15-30 mg.

Regular consumption of coconut water helps us stay healthy and fit as it is packed with a lot of essential nutrients. So next time if you want to grab that fizzy cool, make a wise choice and opt for natural coconut water instead.

SOURCE: B-Positive Health Magazine

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